License an Image

Images in galleries on the Archive menu item can be licensed for editorial uses in print and online with immediate automated delivery.

You can select your usage needs, pay with a credit card or via PayPal, and have the image delivered to you automatically after payment.  Options include online usage, newspapers (and weeklies), magazines, and books.

Thousands of music images are available now, and more years of images are in the works.  (Low resolution watermarked images are available for online use by bands - drop me a line for details.)

Select sports images are listed and available for license.  Many of my sports images are available either via the Associated Press (most college sports, some Idaho high school sports), or via Getty Images (NBA D-League and All Star Weekend images).

At some point I'll make many of the personal images available for license online; in the meantime, if there's an image you want for something, just let me know!